Architectural Firm

WCIT is one of the leading architectural companies based in Honolulu, and has developed several prominent designs for resorts on the outer islands. 

“The bottom line is that SNS is looking out for our best interests.”
-Rob Iopa, President, WCIT

The Problem:
Several key users needed remote access to the network to check email, work on files, and use applications.  They needed something secure, that would provide good performance while working on AutoCAD files.  The need was urgent, as they had several ongoing projects nearing completion.

The Solution:
Since WCIT was a Support Agreement client, they had an up to date hardware, software & licensing inventory.  Once we reviewed their documentation, we determined that we could implement a Windows 2000 terminal server solution.  We were able to identify a desktop that wasn’t being used, upgrade the hardware at a minimal cost, and use an existing Windows 2000 license that wasn’t being used since their systems had been upgraded. 

The Results:
Since there were only 3 users needing remote access, the solution was a perfect fit.  We were able to create a solution using existing hardware and software, so our client didn’t have to incur huge additional expenses.   The terminal server solution satisfied all their requirements, and was implemented for a fraction of the cost of a new system.  The remote capability of the solution  has empowered them to work more effectively while away from the office, resulting in WCIT being able to meet their deadlines on projects, offering a faster response time to their client’s needs, and making their business more successful.

The Client’s Response:
"Rob Youree has been managing our network for the last two and a half years, and has done a great job for us.  The terminal server solution is just another example of how SNS has provided responsive service & solutions that give us a competitive edge, while keeping an eye on the bottom line.  Most consultants would have jumped at the chance to sell us a new server, instead of creating a solid solution using existing materials.   The bottom line is that SNS is looking out for our best interests.”
-Rob Iopa, President, WCIT

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