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MHR has a long and distinguished history in Hawaii as the oldest Stevedoring company in the islands.  They provide stevedoring services throughout the islands, and manage their operations from a central Honolulu based office, while supporting several remote offices on the other islands. 

The Problem:
Management was concerned about the security & performance of their systems, and had limited documentation to work with.  They were running outdated desktops and servers, which were affecting network performance and employee productivity.   Most users were using AOL or yahoo accounts for email, and communication was breaking down.  Several users didn’t understand how to use email effectively.

"…SNS lets us focus on our business – not on our systems."
-Kim Hudson, MHR

The Solution:
After reviewing the list of issues with MHR, we recommended an upgrade of their entire network, staged over a 2 year period.  We began by installing a new Dell server with Windows 2003 SBS, implementing automated backups, and centralizing antivirus update distribution. We also implemented Microsoft Exchange 2003 (incuded with Windows 2003 SBS), and distributed Outlook 2003 to all the users (also included with Windows 2003 SBS).  Over the next 2 years, we began to phase out the oldest desktops, and replace them with new Dell PC’s running Windows XP. Once the new system was in place, we began designing a customized training program to enable the users to take full advantage of the new system.

The Results:
By upgrading their system from NT 4 to Windows 2003 SBS, we were able to restructure their information & make it easier to find, more secure, and more functional.  The new system is more stable, offers a lot more features and functionality, and requires less maintenance than it’s predecessor.  By automating backups and antivirus systems,  and enabling remote support functionality, we were able to significantly lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while at the same time, increasing the functionality of their systems. 

The Client’s Reaction:
"Rob Youree has been supporting our network for the last 2 years, and has been a great asset to our team. His proactive approach to managing our network has minimized our downtime, and has provided us with a clear direction moving forward.

With all of the nasty pitfalls out there (viruses, security issues, data loss etc), it’s comforting to know that Sage Network Solutions is there to keep us running. By using a support agreement with SNS, we get more responsive service, fewer computer issues, concise documentation AND a discounted hourly rate!

Our support agreement with SNS lets us focus on our business-not on our systems. I would gladly recommend Sage Network Solutions to all the local businesses in Hawaii." – Kim Hudson – McCabe, Hamilton & Renny, LTD. (The Stevedores)

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