Interior Design Firm

MAI is a small Interior Design firm centered around Kathy Merrill Kelley (lead designer/owner).  She has a support team of 5 people that stay in the office, while Kathy travels all over the world working on projects. She anticipated her company growing over the next few years.

“SNS helped us tremendously… (They) really helped us get the most out of our investment, right away.” -Kathy Merrill Kelley (lead designer/owner)

The Problem:
When Kathy Merrill Kelley decided to start her own Interior Design firm, she found herself in need of advice.  She needed a solution that would enable her business to succeed, and that also wouldn’t break the bank.  She needed everything-hardware, software, licensing, implementation, training & support.  She needed a network that could achieve the following:

  • Provide file sharing and print services
  • Advanced email services (shared calendars, contacts, etc)
  • Centralized and secure data structure
  • Reliable backup solution.
  • Desktops that were optimized for AutoCAD, and Digital Photography
  • Offer remote access to email, calendar, and contacts, as well as PDA integration

The Solution
After carefully listening to Kathy’s goals, SNS recommended the following configuration:

  • Purchase a new server with the following specs:  Intel P4 2.8Ghz Processor, 2GB Ram, x2 SATA hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration, running Windows 2003 SBS, including Antivirus and backup software.
  • Purchase new desktops with P4 2.8G processors, 1GB ram, 17inch LCD screens, small form factor, with easy access USB/firewire ports on the front.
  • Purchase an HP network laser  printer (for volume printing) and a high end officejet solution capable of printing in color, and scanning & faxing to email or network folder.
  • Integrate Kathy’s PDA cell phone with Outlook so she could always be in touch.
  • Implement shared Calendars, Fax to email, as well as file and printer sharing.

Once the design portion was agreed upon, SNS began working with our various hardware and software vendors and distributors to negotiate the best prices.  After working Dell against Gateway, Gateway was able to offer the most competitive price.  Since MAI doesn’t have an on-site IT person, the system was designed to allow remote access to all servers and desktops.  By implementing email notification on critical areas of the network (backups, server alerts, etc), both the client and SNS could monitor the systems and resolve issues rapidly via remote access.

By automating areas like scheduled backups, virus updates to the desktops, and automatic windows updates, MAI’s network required less maintenance and experienced more uptime.  A good design can keep your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) low!


Client Response

"SNS helped us tremendously throughout the whole process of getting setup.  Rob took the time to explain all of our options, and recommended a design that satisfied all our needs.  He was able to offer very competitive pricing, and had our system installed and configured in no time at all!  SNS also helped us with other decisions, by researching & recommending vendors for our phone and security systems.

After the system was installed and operational, SNS provided training on how to use all the different features.  That really helped us get the most out of our investment, right away.

I would highly recommend SNS for all your computer and network needs-You can really tell they take pride in what they do!"

-Kathy Merrill Kelley, Merrill & Associates, Inc


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